10 original calendars to creatively manage your time

It's back! It's time to prepare his supplies, his notebooks, but also a nice calendar. And if this year, you made the choice ofa creative calendar ? We suggest you discover below 10 very creative calendars that will bring some inspiration and originality to your office.

10 calendars that combine design aspect and conceptual shapes, and which invite us especially to reimagine our relationship to time passing and unfolding before our eyes. There is something for every taste !

The schedule of tea lovers

Credits : Hälssen & Lyon

The calendar in rolls of toilet paper

Credits : Morning Calendar

The calendar that connects point after point

Credits : Gregory Kalender

The Pantone calendar

Credits Jonathan Davies

The emojis calendar

Credits : Brigada Creativa

The calendar "bubble wrap"

Credits : Bubble Wrap Calendar

The LEGO calendar

Credits : Made By Humans

The accordion calendar

Credits : Mein Craft Haus

The match calendar

Credits Yurko Gustulyak

The ink calendar

Credits : Oscar Diaz

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