It reproduces the portrait of LeBron James with millions of emojis

Beyond the cultural phenomenon, the emoji have become today a mode of communication in its own right. So much so that emoticons have become a real phenomenon of pop culture and D'artistic expression. In the USA, Intel had the idea to collaborate with the artist and rapper Yung Jake to develop an amazing work of art.

Equipped with a tablet of the brand, Yung Jake recomposed with extreme precision portrait of basketball player LeBron James ... entirely in emojis. An impressive job that commands respect and has required many hours of work. Note that this is not a test shot for Yung Jake ; this atypical artist has already paid tribute to most influential personalities of the world of hip hop by making their portraits with emojis.

A beautiful operation for the brand, which puts forward the performance and precision of its products through the lever of art. The initiative also shows us that emojis have become more than justa simple way to communicate and illustrate your everyday conversations.

Imagined by:Intel and Yung Jake
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