He creates apocalyptic landscapes with symbols of pop culture

The pop culture is a current that inspires many artists around the world. It must be said that it touches many subjects that affect the current generations: cinema, video games, television, music, literature... Today, these are the works of Filip Hodas, better known as the pseudonym "AKA Hoodass", that we will introduce you.

This freelance artist from Prague, a big fan of 3D, portrays in his works a much more pessimistic vision of this pop culture. He imagines a totally apocalyptic world where nature has taken back its rights. Among the various buildings that make up his works, there are obvious nods to symbols of pop culture: branding (McDonald's, Coca-Cola ...), from gaming (Game Boy, Pac-Man ...) or from cartoons (Hello Kitty).

Very elaborate works that pay homage to the different symbols of pop culture. To know more about Filip Hodas, meeting on his profile Behance.

Imagined by:Filip Hodas

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