This app uses augmented reality to serve as your rule

Today, we use our mobile phones for absolutely everything: to call (of course), send messages, go on social networks and use applications of all kinds. And if the simplest everyday tools were dematerialized to integrate our beloved smartphones?

Developers around the world are eagerly awaiting the deployment of'iOS 11, the latest version of the operating system that dresses our iPhones and iPads. Among the new features on offer, Apple offers "Arkit" which should further democratize the use of augmented reality on our smartphones. And today, it's the startup Laan Labs which reveals to us an impressive use with the app "AR Measure".

It's just abouta virtual tape measure which materializes in your environment thanks to augmented reality. Even though this kind of application has existed for some time now, technology has made a quantum leap since then. AR Measure is able to tell you with extreme precision the dimensions of the objects you want to measure, so much so that you feel like you have a real measuring tape in your hands. Rather practical for DIYers!

Beyond the application that simply responds to a definite need (the ability to accurately measure anything, anytime)we can see that augmented reality has been on the rise lately. Whereas we only talk about virtual reality, the RA seems to still have good days in front of her and very particular uses, like this one, will make it indispensable in our daily life. To find out more, visit the website of the app "AR Measure".

Imagined by: Laan Labs

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