Animals in balloons to raise awareness about the fragility of species

It's a fact: Man is responsible for the disappearance of many animal species. The development of our species has led to the gradual extinction of thousands of others and if nothing is done in terms ofecology and of sustainable development, the situation is not ready to improve. Fortunately, associations such as WWF work daily for the respect of nature.

In Brazil, students from Miami Ad School have imagined for the WWF an ingenious print campaign that transforms animals into balloons. The idea is very simple: to highlight different animal species weakened by the actions of the Man.

For example, we can see a penguin in balloons on a block of ice that melts or a turtle threatened by hooks. An intelligent campaign, although fictitious (These are ghosts made by Miami Ad School students). The fragility of animal species and the impact of man on their disappearance are perfectly represented with the balloons. Well seen !

Imagined by: Miami Ad School

Video: Neil Gaiman: "The Ocean at the End of the Lane". Talks at Google (November 2019).