This coffee opens its doors only if you scan NESCAFÉ bags

Here is a very original concept developed at the Canada by NESCAFÉ and the agency WorkInProgress. The idea was to create a new experience of coffee consumption and we can say that it is rather daring. Because Coffee Taproom (this is the name of the concept) does not look like nothing known.

First of all to enter, you have to be equipped with your own coffee bags. No laughing: the entrance is automated by a computer who asks you to scan your bagand only if he recognizes it, you can enter. Once inside, we find ourselves facing a very design, clean rather successful.

Strange thing: no servers and no cards for to order... you only have to rely on you! About ten of hot water dispensers organized like pressure machines sit at the bottom of the Coffee Taproom and you just have to take a cup and to use your bag to consume your hot drink!

An original concept that puts the brand well ahead NESCAFÉ while tackling his competitors, like the King of coffees: Starbucks. Here, finished drinks overpriced and hesitations to choose, you are only entitled to NESCAFÉ. A place of premium consumption which wants to be original and that the brand intends to develop well in other cities. On the site dedicated to the operation, it allows you to suggest yours ... provided you have bags of course!

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Imagined by: Nescafe Canada and the agencyWorkInProgress