This bird falls in love with a badminton shuttlecock: our favorite of the day

Mehdi Alibeygi is an illustrator whose work we love. His style very clean does not detract from the power of the features and develops a very interesting atmosphere, like this football player orthis monkey which seems to evolve very quickly. He can also be provocative as shownhis animation Bazaar which stages a veiled woman well in flesh whose movements on the pole dance bar would piss off an experienced stripper (remember he is Iranian).

But today, we especially want to talk to you about Changeover. His last small achievement that we foundvery cute and very creative by its history. The idea? A small bird falls madly in love a Badminton birdie and embark on a parade that will not be inconsequential ... It lasts 2 minutes and it would be a shame to miss out 🙂

It's fresh, it's short, it's fun, in short we liked it! If you want to find more animations ofMehdi Alibeygi, go to his Behance or on his Vimeo account.

Imagined by:Mehdi Alibeygi

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