SKODA imagines the ultimate gift for the Tour de France caravan

The Tour de France is an extraordinary event. Did you know it's the most watched sports competition in the world with more than 3.5 billion spectators (in cumulative audience) ? And most importantly, it's the most popular event in France because it attracts more 10 to 12 million people on the roads to support the runners. Well, not really. A study showed that 47% of "supporters" are there to ... the advertising caravan ! And with more 15 million gifts distributed each yearwe understand why.

So to surf on this phenomenon of the caravan(created in 1930), ŠKODA and the communication agency Rosapark have had a small idea: create a competition net to succeed in catching all the goodies! And as on the roadsides it's always the crush when the caravan passes, this net will allow you to to gain height over your competitors to leave them no chance ... Because yes! Competition is not only on the road 😉

A net that we propose to you win in 10 copies because we want it to be the cretanauts who collect everything during the passage of the caravan! To participate, you just need to retweet the tweet below. Winners will be named Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

Do you like the Tour de France? @SkodaFrance has designed an object for you! 😂 #FightForGoodies | #COUNT RT to try to win (10 ex)

- Creapills 💊 (@creapills) June 15, 2017

An idea of ​​unusual communication for ŠKODA who surfs a global event of which she is one of the most importantofficial partners. The famous net has actually been created and will be distributed exclusively on some stages of the Tour de France. In short, a nice shot of communication that will not fail to talk on the roadside! And if you catch it, you can always share it on twitter with the hashtag #FightForGoodies.

Imagined by: Rosapark for SKODA France

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