This Pac-Man is controlled with your voice and you can play it right away

The Danish company AIAIAI is specialized in helmets and the headphones. Recently, she imagined a game that is played with the sound of your voice and it amused us. But beware it's not just any game: it's Pac-Man! The advantage is that we know all the rules: move your character in4 directions to capture the most items and avoid the bad guys.

So, they developed the game, an arcade terminal to test the headsets and (fortunately) a internet version to play it right away. Just launch the game by clicking here, to say "Play" and guide the little disc ... in English. So if you ever have difficulties we help you: up, right, down and left will allow you to play.

[mks_button size = "medium" title = "Click here to play" style = "squared" url = "//" target = "_ self" bg_color = "# c33431" txt_color = "# FFFFFF "Icon =" "icon_type =" "nofollow =" 0 "]

It's fun and it works pretty well. It takes more responsiveness than the original version with the keys but it's always nice to control movements with the voice.

Imagined by: the agency AIAIAI

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