A library of orgasms to listen to the real sound of pleasure

What is the real sound of a Orgasm ? This question seems strange to you? As a matter of fact, 70% of Spaniards (it's a Spanish project) think that the sound of a female orgasm resembles those we hear in pornographic films… No need to draw it for you. The influence of porn on our society is enormous and conditions us much more than we think.

Based on this observation, the brand of sextoysIndiscrets Jewelry and the agency Proximity Madrid have imagined an operation rather amusing and unpublished:Orgasm Sound Library. Imagine a site open to all that collects and delivers the orgasms of women around the world. A sex library, sound and obviously in the total anonymity.

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For the first week of launch,100 women participated in this artistic project. In total these are more than 750 orgasms who have been sent since 51 countries. The latter being classified, by those who sent them, according to different types: shy, noisy, at three,…

The site has received more than 50,000 visitors per month during his promotion and over 3 million orgasms have been played. And finally, an exhibition was even organized to stage orgasms through interactive posters that it was enough to touch to trigger the sound. Because the first step to break a taboo is to give it your voice !

Imagined by: Indiscrets Jewelry by the agency Proximity

Video: Girls Moaning in the Microphone (January 2020).