This tram uses paint instead of rails and it's revolutionary

Do you know how much it costs to build one kilometer subway? Near 100 million euros ! And that of a tram line? Not less than 20 million euros. And yes ! The transport infrastructure expensive and innovations in the field to bring down prices are obviously welcome! Lately, it's China that surprises us with its latest smart tramway : line "ART". In fact, it's more of a mix between a bus, a tramway and a train: and you'll see that it's ultra ingenious ...

Developed by China's railway transportation companyCRRC, this tramway measures a thirty meters long and behaves without driver. It is totally flexible, can run at a speed of 70 km / h and has an electric autonomy of 25 km for 10 minutes of charge. Now we tell you its price per kilometer at construction: less than 2 million euros10 times less than a tramway and 50 times a metro!

Why this price difference? Because he does not have no rails (but rubber tires) and is guided by a White paint. Obviously, we suspect that this painting contains a little more than the color white, including markers to secure the destination of the train if anyone could divert his journey.

A tremendous innovation that will be installed in the city of Zhuzhou from 2018 with a line of 6.5 km.

Imagined by: CRRC