This brand transforms eggplant emoji into sextoy

The emoji have invaded SMS and the messages on social networks to the point of giving them sometimes a very particular meaning. This is the case of Eggplant emoji which has become in popular language a reference to sex. We're not going to make a diagram, you guess what a eggplant, it could have been the banana or again baguette but no, it's eggplant.

Given the evolution of this trend, the brand Emojibator did not wait to create the first emojis sextoys. The project has been around since a few months already, but it is the release of the video below that has redone about the brand a few days ago.

Nothing transcendent but a very good reactivity with a good dose of creativity to surf on what works Obviously, sex-related products and in addition to emoji (which are ultra-popular) generate conversations naturally and offer the brand a beautiful exhibition on social networks.

It will take $ 32 to get the Eggplant sex toy or again chili sex toy, which is also an emoji and which symbolizes more or less the same thing. In short, the creators ofEmojibator must love emojis dollars!

Imagined by: Emojibator

Video: Bunnicula. Bitten By Bunnicula. Boomerang UK (October 2019).