Coca has a bracelet on his labels that gives access to all the festivals

Are you an unconditional fan of music festivals? So you will love this marketing initiative of Coca-Cola (In Romania) who had the idea to play with his labels to advertise and find new customers. The idea? Add a banner on the labels of his bottles which stands out to become a bracelet. But not just any bracelet ...

With this bracelet on your wristyou will be able to access all music festivals in which the brand is a partner (in other words a sufficient number to satisfy your thirst for festivals).

A powerful marketing idea that did not require an exceptional investment for the brand. Certainly, it was necessary to produce hundreds of thousands of labels and develop the partnerships with festivals but we can say that the results are there: 75% of Romanian adolescents were affected by the communication which resulted in an increase of 11% of bottle sales in the country.

Whether we like it or not Coca Cola... it's played very well by the brand and its agencyMcCann Bucharest !

Imagined by: Coca Cola and McCann Romania

Video: Christian Lander. Talks at Google (October 2019).