This transmitter allows cyclists to warn motorists via their radio

Those who cycle regularly know it, the main danger on the road is the inattention of motorists and their lack of visibility. The majority of accidents with bicycles are due to blind spot problems and the little bells ring is not a big help to ensure their visibility.

So 98FM and the agency Isobar had the idea, in Brazil, to create the first transmitter that interrupts the radios of motorists nearby to warn them of the imminent arrival of cyclists. The device may interfere with radio frequencies in a perimeter of 30 meters. The most unusual thing is that the cyclist can customize the message that he wants to transmit directly to the motorist that he will cross.

It's clever, it's unusual but the most interesting is that everyone can build this little radio. For this you just have to go to the : a tutorial will be delivered in exchange for some information in a small form. To discover if you are technophile.

And if you like the idea, you'll love this initiative ofAxa in Poland who likes to do much the same thing with a small bell rather design: see the idea.

Imagined by: 98FM and the agency Isobar Brazil

Video: An innovative bicycle bell which turns into radio transmitter- 'Smartbell' (October 2019).