This Japanese cobbler imagines shoes in the shape of pigeons

Expression "Shoemakers are the most badly paved" will never have made so much sense. the Japan, the shoe manufacturerKyoto Ohata made a very special pair that will please those who love stand out in a crowd... provided you accept self-deprecation. The concept ? of the pigeon shaped shoes ! He had the idea while walking in the streets of his city, having noticed that all the birds fly away on his approach. His idea ? Create animal-friendly shoes who put the pigeons in confidence to approach them.

Do not ask us why it exists. He just had the idea and if his goal was to make talk about him ... he was right. These images of pigeon shoes have already circulated on many international blogs and have been seen by more than 3 million people. Well now, in terms of image, we doubt that it is very intelligent to pass its customers ... for pigeons.

And here are some pictures of Do It Yourself

Imagined by:Kyoto Ohata

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