This bike inhales polluted air to recycle it to clean air

The Dutch artist and innovatorDaan Roosegaarde is really full of ideas. Recently, he had unveiled an original idea that works today: the Smog Free Tower. This tower is not intended to be used as housing, it is not just usedto recycle polluted air. The first tower was built in Pekin and it works: the ambient air, close to this tower, became 51% purer than before and when we know that Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world, it's a feat.

Given the success of this concept, useful and totally in tune with the times (no pun intended), the artist starts today in another concept: theSmog Free Bicycle. The first air purifier bike will use the same technique as the tower, on a reduced scale obviously. It sounds pretty crazy as a concept, but we find it brilliant. Because where a tower remains fixed, the bikes roam the city and numbering several thousand (even millions), the result can be impressive.

We are anxiously awaiting the implementation of this idea, which could be installed on self-service bicycles in the big cities ! To learn more about the project, you can view this document in English of Studio Roosegaarde

Imagined by:Daan Roosegaarde

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