This web plugin highlights the names of politicians accused of corruption

This is an idea of ​​unusual communication, even very unusual. To communicate on its qualities, the price comparator and a little while on the Brazilian web ReclameAQUI imagine a web plugin that would thrill any policy.

His name ? VigieAQUI ! This is a small application that you can install if you are browsing Google Chrome. Once in place, when you surf the internet and the name of a policy appears, it may be highlighted in purple. Why ? To tell you that he has pans around bribery. By hovering over the color, you will see the business in which he or she is entangled. If you want to test, click here (it only works for Brazilian policies unfortunately).

An application still downloaded by more than 14,000 users and which is rather a courageous initiative on the part of a brand. Courageous and even a little strange as a way of promote its specificity, which is here to compare men and women politicians as we could compare products.

We had to dare, they did it with the help of the agency Gray Brasil. To find out more, go to site of the operation.

Imagined by: AQUI reclamationby the agency Gray

Video: Informing Policy: A Review of Social Security's MINT Microsimulation Model (January 2020).