This illustrator turns the characters of SpongeBob into humans

Spongebob, more known in English-speaking countries under the name Sponge Bob SquarePants, is surely one of the most iconic cartoons of Nickelodeon. Unveiled for the first time in 1997, this animated cartoon totally crazy tells the unusual adventures of Bob, a sponge who lives in the sea alongside his friend Patrick, a starfish.

In 20 years, Spongebob became one of cartoons the most famous in the world, with its unique style and zany characters and individuals. And if the characters of Spongebob were humans ? This question, a Russian artist by the name of Polly was asked and had fun reproducing the characters the most famous cartoon as if they lived in our real world.

When SpongeBob turns into a real human 🦀

The artist has therefore made various illustrations that metamorphose the characters of Bob, Patrick, Carlo or Mr. Krabs as if they were real humans. And looking at the protagonists revisited, we realize that the transformation is successful since they are identified easily enough.

We let you discover below the misappropriations of Polly and we invite you to visit his portfolio to learn more about the artist. To discover other creative ideas around illustration, simply click illustrations !


Credits: Polly

Patrick the Starfish

Credits: Polly

Mr. Krabs

Credits: Polly

Carlo Tentacule

Credits: Polly

Sandy Squirrel

Credits: Polly

Pearl Krabs

Credits: Polly

Plankton & Karen

Credits: Polly

Imagined by: Polly

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