In Canada, doctors can now prescribe ... visits to the museum

And if a little visit to Museum could cure just like drugs? It sounds totally crazy, and yet, this subject is indeed topical. the Canada, some doctors now have the opportunity to prescribe to their patients ... visits to the museum.

Since the November, 1stsome Canadian doctors will be able to counsel their patients who are suffering from depression, from diabetes or chronic diseases to go and enjoy a small exhibition at the museum for a therapeutic purpose.

A surprising initiative that we owe to Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and to Francophone Doctors of Canada (MFDC). These doctors will be able to send their patients to Quebec museums for free within 50 prescriptions per year, but they will have to be accompanied by a caregiver or a member of their family.

Therapeutic Visits to the Museum: the power of works of art on physical and mental health 🖼

According to Hélène Boyer, vice president of MFDCthese "Museum prescriptions" allow patients to forget about their pain and their anxiety. Contact with works of art have, according to several studies, an impact on the state of physical and mental health of the population. Hélène Boyer explains the process:

We secrete hormones when we visit a museum and these hormones are responsible for our well-being. People tend to think that it is only effective for mental health problems, but it is not. It is also effective for diabetic patients, palliative care patients and people with chronic diseases.

A surprising initiative, which certainly does not replace the medication in many cases, but nevertheless allows to work for our good mood and our well being. And as doctors often say: body in good health already starts with a mind in fine fettle. When is the same idea in France?

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Imagined by: Francophone Doctors of Canada (MFDC)

Video: Honest Trip to the Doctor (November 2019).