In Japan, these creatives disguised themselves as famous paintings for the Halloween parade

If you thought you had seen everything about costume creative for Halloween, then you risk (one more time) to be surprised. Today, we suggest you take a few moments to travel to Japan and more precisely in the city of Kawasaki, in the prefecture of Kanagawa.

Every year, the city of Kawasaki organize a big parade, a few days before the fateful date of October 31, offering participants to flaunt their creative costumes the time of a parade that spans 1.5 kilometers.

Creative Halloween costumes that pay tribute to famous painters 🎨

This year the parade has gathered more than 2200 disguised people, under the astonished look of over 12 000 spectators present for the occasion. And among all the disguises surprising and creative that we have seen, there are some who have caught our attention more particularly.

A group of participants had the great idea of ​​creating disguises that take on the appearance of paintings of famous masters. The videos below were filmed by twittoskennyhorie and_eillie_.

Of the'Self Portrait of Van Gogh the Shout ofEdvard Munch, going through the Girl with pearl of Johannes Vermeerthese "Costume-tables" more real than nature are really very successful. We let you admire the result that has been widely relayed on social networks.

And if you never have enough ofHalloween, we also suggest you to discover Josh Sundquist, a one-legged American who diverts his handicap to achieve creative costumes. A positive message as we like them!

Credits : Kenny Horie

Credits : Twoner

Credits : eillie

Credits : eillie

Credits : Kenny Horie

Imagined by: City of Kawasaki (Japan) sure Twitter

Video: Halloween costume parade in Kawasaki, Japan (November 2019).