Airseas: the Toulouse startup that adds kites to boats to pollute less

At a time when renewable energies are beginning to establish themselves as an unavoidable and, above all, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, a Toulouse startup is making a name for itself with an excellent initiative that aims to revolutionize maritime transport.

Airseas is a young company co-financed by Airbus who had the idea to create and market Seawing : kites that we fix on boats to make savings of fuel. Designed for merchant ships, this modular kite of 1000 m² is installed at the front of the ship. The captain can then deploy it automatically from the dashboard of the bridge. Simply press a button, simply to activate the sail. The embedded software will then make the necessary calculations to adapt the latter to the wind force and to weather situation.

A giant kite that allows the boat to use wind energy for less fuel 🛥

According to Airseas, this modular kite allows a fuel economy of 20%, a gain of $ 1-2 million per year for shipowners. And beyond the economic aspect, you can well imagine that the initiative is also good for the planet by reducing the emission of CO2.

For the record, this innovative concept is not really the property ofAirseas. Vincent Bernatets, president of the company, expresses himself on this subject:

It was a German company that launched this concept fifteen years ago. They failed to market it because the system was manual and it took several people to handle it. But they still managed to demonstrate on a real scale that a sail can tow a very big boat. SeaWing is innovative because it is fully automatic.

An amazing product innovation that meets a need as well economic thatecologicaland that proves that sometimes it is necessary to return to fundamentals to revolutionize his world. You will find more information on the official website of Airseas.

Credits : Airseas

Credits : Airseas

Credits : Airseas

Credits : Airseas

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