In Italy, this IKEA store opens its doors to abandoned dogs to protect them from the cold

Every hour, in France, 11 animals are loosely abandoned by their masters. Over the year, this represents a total of 100,000 animals who find themselves thus abandoned and who often end up in a shelter, when these have still room to take care of them. Faced with this scourge, we obviously know the work of the associations who struggle on a daily basis to help them, but a little less the initiatives of certain brands.

And if we're talking about all of this today, it's because aIKEA in Italy had a great idea. In Sicily in the town of Catania, a Swedish giant's store has opened its doors to abandoned dogs for their offer a roof. A strong message for this company that transforms its huge buildings into an animal shelter.

When IKEA offers shelter and comfort to abandoned dogs in the street 🐕

Customers of this shop IKEA have fallen, during their shopping, face to face with these new residents who inevitably attract the sympathy. Dogs quickly took place in the different salons arranged by IKEA in his sign of Catania.

Employees also provide them with food and care daily. And icing on the cake: some families, who came to the base just to buy furniture, even left with a new companion at home.

We love the idea, which even if it contributes, do not veil the face, strengthen thepicture and the sympathy capital of the mark, allows these abandoned dogs to have a roof and not to wander the streets, cold. And even better: the initiative can encourage new adoptions. Come on, next step we do that in all IKEA... and not only for abandoned animals: it's easy to say of course, but there is an idea.

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