IKEA pulls shark teddy: Internet users seize it for a photo contest on Instagram

IKEA is a brand that has nothing to prove in terms of communication. And once again, the famous Swedish company has just achieved a master stroke by marketing a simple plush to the appearance of shark.

baptizedBlåhaj, this adorable stuffed shark has quickly become viral on social networks, especially in Russia where Internet users have fun putting it on stage in every possible way. But where does this fascination for a simple shark stuffed ? The still present influence of the film Jaws of Steven Spielberg, or the famous ones "Dancers sharks" who accompanied Katy Perry during the Super Bowl ?

When a simple shark stuffed animal turns into a viral phenomenon on the web 🦈

Anyway, many Internet users to stage on social networks the famousBlåhaj... for the greatest pleasure ofIKEA who offers himself an advertisement mass and Free. Zoya Stakhlova, a 21-year-old Russian woman, even created a specific Instagram account for her stuffed toy she namedSebastian, where she tells the daily life and adventures of the little shark.

We let you discover below the best stagings of the shark plush ofIKEA, which show once more that the biggest phenomena of the web are sometimes born of little things ...

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