This delirious short film depicts a Santa Claus who plays poker

Aaaah the magic of Christmas ! Every year, the holiday season offers us a lot of surprises and emotions with small films who play wonderfully withthe spirit of Christmas. And one of them this year has particularly caught our attention with its perfect realization, its extremely short duration and its humor that will sketch you a smile.

Xmas Hold 'Em was produced by the companyPassion Animation Studios : a studio which has built a solid reputation in the realization of animations in the field of advertising. As the name suggests, the short film mixes two worlds: Christmas and the Poker (in reference to Texas hold'em, a variant of the game).

This little film is therefore staging a Santa Claus who shares a poker game with his reindeer. Part in which, we will discover that the favorite character of the children is a little too player ... We let you discover. 🎅

It's light, it's cute and it's mostly funny. The animation is absolutely perfect, the character of the Santa Claus and its reindeer offers an unusual situation far from the clichés of the perfect Santa Claus. And if you forgot to make your Christmas presents, you can always send this video as an excuse: after all it's Santa Claus who take care of the delivery, no ?

Finally, if you want to discover more creations of the genre, go to the section Short films on our site Creapills.

Credits : Passion Animation Studios

Credits : Passion Animation Studios

Credits : Passion Animation Studios

Credits : Passion Animation Studios

Imagined by:Passion Animation Studios

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