This jukebox is controlled by dragging the card of the song you want to listen to

If you're a fan of music and retro-futuristic objects, then this little invention will brighten your day; and the story that goes with it too. It all starts in the family of a certainChristopher Patty, an American designer who lives in the city of Logan (Utah). For Christmas 2018, the little family, obviously creative, has a challenge: all the gifts that will be offered must be fully hand-crafted. Prohibition to rush into a shopping center because here we must rely on ingenuity to please his family. Admit that the idea is fun ...

And to please his father who likes to listen to music, Christopher has set itself the challenge of creating a most innovative artisanal jukebox. Composed of a wooden box and a pregnant, the device is accompanied by cards which represent famous titles with the photo of the bands playing them. To start the music, simply drag a card into the notch provided for this purpose (like a blue card). The short video below summarizes the concept in the best of ways.

Admit that the idea, as well as the initiative for which it was created, is great. Inside the device is an enclosure controlled by aRaspberry Pi, itself equipped with the software created by Christopher. All songs are stored locally on a SD card and are played once the card is detected.

The inventor explains that this gift made his father very happy and that even if he has Spotify and a Google Home at home, which allows him to listen to the music he wants on simple voice command, he uses the creation of his son much more often. The interaction and the choice of the music are indeed very amusing on this jukebox of a new kind and one understands the opinion of the father.

If you are dying to get one, it will be complicated today because the jukebox only exists in one copy. But in front of the success of his idea sure Twitter, the designer has launched a website to retrieve emails from interested people to launch soon a Kickstarter: you will find the site here.

Finally, Christopher also unveiled the gift of his sister that was addressed to him. Also made by hand, she created a small wooden box so that her brother could store his cosmetics. We love this family! 💡

Credits : Christopher Patty

Credits : Christopher Patty

Credits : Christopher Patty

Credits : Christopher Patty

Imagined by: Christopher Patty

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