He turns a truck into a mini-bookstore and goes around Italy to promote reading with children

There are initiatives creative and social who have the gift of giving us a smile and faith in humanity, and the one we are going to present to you today is no exception to the rule. In Italy, Antonio La Cava is a retired professor who had a very good idea to facilitate theaccess the books the children who live in remote villages.

So he created the Bibliomotocarro, a mini-library traveling around the cityItaly to turn into library extra. In concrete terms, he transformed a small van in a beautiful little blue bookshop with which he travels the roads of Italy to allow children to indulge in reading.

Antonio La Cava, the professor behind this initiative, speaks about it:

I was really worried about growing old in a country of non-readers. I believe in the importance of spreading the joy of literature to as many children as possible. Culture is for everyone, not just for a privileged few.

An excellent initiative that is good for the heart and proves that for this teacher, theeducation is a true passion that he continues to practice in his own way, even in retirement. The idea is brilliant and should be democratized all over the world, to bring culture and theeducation in the most remote areas of the world. You will find more information on the website of the project.

Credits: Antonio La Cava

Credits: Antonio La Cava

Credits: Antonio La Cava

Credits: Antonio La Cava

Imagined by: Antonio La Cava

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