Brastis: a pastis created by Britons to compete with Marseille pastis

When we think of pastis, we think inevitably to the south, to the terrace aperitifs in Marseilles, to the parties of pétanque sunny ... And yet, you will see that one can also find pastis in northwestern France. And yes, our Breton friends unveil the "Brastis", the 100% version breizh of the iconic pastis.

It's here House Jouffe who is at the origin of this new product which already provokes emulators on the web. You will soon be able to sip a little "Brastis" on the terraces of Brest or from Quimper and it's thanks to the House Jouffe, situated at Dinan, and already famous for its production of cognac and of Calvados it sells internationally (and in particular in China).

The House Jouffe wanted to diversify its range of liquor and so she embarked on marketing the Brastis, the Breton pastis who wants to shade Marseilles. In terms of packaging, Britons of course defend their colors with a bottle shaped Lighthouse rather aesthetic. To see now if the product will seduce its public, meanwhile, 15 000 bottles will be distributed in grocery stores and cellars for the year 2019. You will find more information on the site of the House Jouffe. We are now awaiting the opinion of Marseille on the subject…

Credits : House Jouffe

Credits: House Jouffe

Credits: The Petit Bleu of the Côtes d'Armor

Credits: The Petit Bleu of the Côtes d'Armor

Imagined by: House Jouffe

Video: L'énorme succès du "Brastis", la version bretonne du pastis (January 2020).