This ingenious curtain deploys peaks if you spend too much time in the shower

9 minutes : this is the average time spent by French in the shower, according to a BVA-Doméo-Presse poll regional published by Ocean Press in 2015. 9 minutes is 150 liters of water consumed on average and we can do much better to save water while maintaining impeccable hygiene.

You have trouble reasoning under the shower ? Fortunately for you, a London artist has found the solution. Elisabeth Buecher invented a curtain of shower eco-responsible who deploys peaks when you spend too much time in the shower to force you out.

The system is simple: the curtain is actually composed of inflatable peaks which, after 4 minutes use of water, will deploy to force the person out of the shower for lack of space. A sensor is connected to the tap and activates the device automatically after 4 minutes of use. Elisabeth Buecher explains his approach:

I see this shower curtain as an alarm clock: you do not want to wake up in the morning but you have to do it, and the alarm clock helps you in that. I wanted to create this project because I believe that it is difficult for us to do things that we do not find pleasant but that, nevertheless, contribute to our good or that of our society. Sometimes we need help to push us to act.

Unfortunately, this innovative shower curtain has remained, since 2015, in the state of concept but we love the idea that remains simple, fun and effective to push us to work for sustainable development. We let you discover this unique accessory in photos below and we invite you to visit the portfolio of the artist Elisabeth Buecher to learn more about his achievements.

Credits: Elisabeth Buecher

Credits: Elisabeth Buecher

Credits: Elisabeth Buecher

Credits: Elisabeth Buecher

Imagined by: Elisabeth Buecher

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