In Italy, this life-size whale floats in the air to raise awareness about plastic pollution

In Italy, the carnival season is in full swing! After having presented to you the work of the carter Deni Bianco who had the idea, for the Carnival of Putignano, to divert "The kiss" of Klimt to raise awarenesshomophobiais another committed creation that we will present today.

Is the Carnival of Viareggio that passers-by could come face to face with a tank that put forward an incredible whale actual size more real than nature, floating literally in the tunes. But it is not a question of whale like the others: this one has the mouth wide open and instead of seeing fish trapped between its baleen, they are plastic waste which adorn this incredible work which, you have understood, is a creation committed against the pollution of the seas and oceans.

Behind the establishment of this animatronics strikingly hides the NGO Greenpeace, which one no longer presents, and which signs once again a spectacular creation to open our eyes to the consequences of the plastic pollution that species animal, especially here with regard to animals sailors. The work is unbelievable and the message goes way explicit : a beautiful demonstration of the strength of theart in terms of ecological awareness.

Credits : Ale Dpl

Credits : Ale Dpl

Credits : Ale Dpl

Credits : Alee Febre-Yap

Credits : Ale Dpl

Credits: Greenpeace / Francesco Alesi

Credits: Greenpeace

Imagined by: Greenpeace

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