He imagines small funny GIFs that will speak to all those who work in agency

Those who work in agency know it: the relationship with the customer can sometimes be conflictual. Difficult sometimes for designers to keep calm in the face of customers who do not have the same vision at all and who are trying to dictate what they should do. A subject discussed in the best way by our illustrator of the day.

DeeKay Kwon is an illustrator and a motion designer hailing from South Koreacurrently based in New York. In his free time, DeeKay had fun illustrating through different scenes, which will no doubt speak to those who work in agency, the sometimes difficult daily life of a designate who has to deal with moods of his customer. He approaches, with some touch ofhumor, different conflicting themes between a designer and his client, like the deadline and Returns.

DeeKay Kwon speaks about this relationship designer / client he knows pretty well and who inspires these different GIFs humorous:

I experienced a lot of negative and annoying situations when dealing with a client, but I still think it's a problem that needs to be addressed. You can not just be good at design or animation. You must also learn to stay positive and deal with the customer. It's something I missed, and slowly I'm learning and improving on this subject.

We let you discover below the different GIFs of this fun series that will undoubtedly recall memories (painful) to the designers who consult Creapills. And if you want to know more about the artist DeeKway Kwon, we invite you to visit his feed Instagram which compiles a good part of his achievements.

Finally, in a similar spirit, you can also take a few minutes to discover the initiative of the blog Digital Synopsis who had the idea to imagine creative quotes in CSS. The webdesigners will love!

The deadline

Credits : DeeKay Kwon

Let me watch ...

Credits : DeeKay Kwon

I have some feedback

Credits : DeeKay Kwon

I have an idea

Credits : DeeKay Kwon

How do you like that?

Credits : DeeKay Kwon

Let me work…

Credits : DeeKay Kwon

End 😁

Credits : DeeKay Kwon

Imagined by: DeeKay Kwon

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