April Fools: the best jokes brands and institutions for April 1, 2019

As every year, the time has come to make jokes anything goes. You understand it: who says first April, says April Fool and his hoaxes of all kinds. For this edition 2019, the brands competed for ingenuity and creativity for amuse their community, trapping their fans and especially speaking out offset on this day where we can (almost) all to afford in terms of humor.

Whether it's a national brand, an international brand, a startup or an institution, everyone is on the same page. Equality in terms of humor the first of April. We invite you to discover below the best sounds of brands (and others) detected by Creapills. 🐟


We know the French fast-food chain Bagelstein for his humor and his sense of derision. On this first April, Bagelstein is no exception to the rule and offers the Beugel, a bagel ... to cannabis!

Credits: Bagelstein

National Police

Forget the canine brigade, rabbits place! Here is the initiative proposed by the National Police on his Twitter account, because rabbits have a sense of smell 30 times that of dogs. The little video below serves as a recruitment campaign if your rabbit is ever hot to join the police.



Leonidas chocolatier has unveiled the first phosphorescent praline that shines in the dark. Brilliant?

Credits : Leonidas


RATP and the agency We Are Social have launched the operation #StationdApril: several stations have been transformed with displays 4 × 3 that invite travel ... and deception.

Example: the station Pyramides had posters featuring pyramids suggesting users to take a picture to believe that they are traveling. It's funny, even if we preferred the operation of last year to play with the name of the stations.

Credits : RATP

Credits : RATP

Credits : RATP

Credits : Yan Rodriguez / Twitter

Credits : Yan Rodriguez / Twitter

Credits : Yan Rodriguez / Twitter


The specialist of the sale of flowers had the idea to create the bouquet of rupture ... with beautiful cactuses inside! 🌵



The famous hiking brand known for its tents has revealed on its Twitter account its intention to abandon the hike in favor of football ... especially for "Allow the worst attackers to camp in the penalty area".

Quechua abandons hiking sports, in favor of football.

- Quechua (@Quechua) April 1, 2019


The company specializing in the manufacture of carbonated water has developed an accessory that allows to make the sparkling water by blowing in it. The innovation was presented through a video subtitled FR which you will find by clicking here.

Credits : Sodastream

Credits : Sodastream

Credits : Sodastream

Credits : Sodastream

National Police 73

In Savoie, the police have a lot of humor. On Twitter she offered to come and test the quality of your amazing products for free, by offering a discreet welcome by a Judicial Police Officer, possible on-site accommodation and more ...

Credits : National Police 73


The extra-marital dating site Gleeden made her community believe that Kiss-O-Gram could work with its application. This invention integrates the phone inside and simulates lips that can be kissed, giving the illusion that you embrace the person with whom you speak from a distance.

Credits : Gleeden

Credits : Gleeden

The post office

La Poste offers French players to don a skin (a virtual dress) on Fortnite. A blue and yellow outfit with the colors of the brand that allows players to track their packages without leaving their game session.

Credits : The post office

Credits : The post office

Credits : The post office


The famous dating network Meetic unveils Pimpme: a feature that makes it beautiful. At any time, the single person can modify the elements of his face easily to improve his image.

Credits : Meetic


McDonald's offers its customers in the UK new milkshake flavor sauces. Ideal for those who love to dip their fries in their milkshake (yes, it exists).

// up-2019% 2F


Tinder unveils a new feature to prevent its users from lying about their size. Tinder automatically analyzes your photos to see if you're lying or not!

Introducing the thing you never asked for, but definitely always wanted-Tinder Height Verification. Coming soon.
Read more about it here: //

- Tinder (@Tinder) March 29, 2019


The famous brand of crayons Crayola has unveiled its first fragrance with wax extract of pencils. What give you good looks! 😉

Credits : Crayola


KitKat launches into tea and unveils its own range specially designed to accompany its chocolate bars. Perfect for gourmet breaks and soaking your KitKat in!


BMW unveils a lunar painting. The principle: apply this paint on your electric car and you just have to let it sleep outside at night to recharge ... in the light of the moon!

Credits: BMW


Kingfisher launches into the beer powder. Forget the traditional pressure: you just need to pour powder into a pint of water and you're done! As long as you want to try the experience ...

Google Maps

As every year, Google turns Maps into a playground for April 1st. This time, the web giant has chosen to integrate the famous game Snake in Google Maps. The goal of the game is to capture the most people and monuments to gain maximum points.

Credits: Google

Credits: Google


But Google does not stop there this year and also reveals "Google Tulip", a service to communicate with your plants and flowers to know when they are thirsty ... or just to chat with them.


For the 1st of April, Spotify updates its playlist "Hits of the Moment" with voluntarily dated pieces, just like "Baby One More Time" from Britney Spears or "Believe" from Cher. A little troll all in simplicity as we like them! The playlist is available here for amateurs.

Credits: Spotify


The famous porn site Pornhub launches into music festivals. The brand has just announced the launch of a house and techno music festival on June 9 in Los Angeles. Cumming soon ...

Credits: Pornhub

Paternal Milk

What if dads breastfed their babies too? It is now possible thanks to the hormone kit proposed by the site Paternal Milk. Just follow the program and dad can replace the mother during breastfeeding. Visit the Paternal Milk website to find out more about this surprising product.

Credits: Paternal Milk

Credits: Paternal Milk

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