10 creative Star Wars fans unveiling cosplays with funny winks

Definitely, the saga Star Wars has not finished talking about her. More than 40 years after the release of the first episode (or rather the fourth) in the dark rooms, Star Wars continues to federate more and more fans around the world. I have to say that Disney knows how to perpetuate the future of the franchise in a spectacular way: new films, upcoming series on the future Disney streaming platform, video games, derivative products of all kinds ... Everything is good when it comes to happiness fans of the intergalactic saga.

And whether or not you follow the movies Star Wars, you could hardly miss the first teaser of episode 9 "The Advent of Skywalker" waited for the end of the year 2019. On this occasion, we propose you to make a small tour of the most creative fans who unveil cosplays to funny winks.

Whether it's low budget costumes (like Luke Skywalker's Specter of Force with blue tulle or the Jabba Hutt costume with a quilt) or bigger ambition, you'll see that fans of Star Wars have an overflowing imagination and that the winks should have fun if you know the different aspects of the cinematic saga. That the Strength cosplay with you!

And if Star Wars is a universe that fascinates you, you can also take a few minutes to discover the work of the two YouTubers Sam and Niko who had fun encrusting the vessels of the saga in real life, or the idea of ​​the German professor Hubert Zitt who repainted an observatory R2-D2 way. Passion has no limit!

PS : we put a small bonus in the end that may make smile ultras.

Luke Skywalker and his Specter of Force

Credits : Star Wars News Italia

Credits : Star Wars News Italia

A Stormtrooper and Darth Vader sharing the Jar Jar Binks head

Credits reddit

Jabba the Hutt and his slave princess Leia

Credits reddit

Sound operator in the Tunisian desert

Credits reddit

Beauty and the Beast with Chewbacca

Credits : pinterest

Boba Fett and the 7 dwarfs

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An Ewok

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The dog Chewbacca

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A father and son disguised as an Alliance soldier on a Tauntaun and Stormtrooper

Credits : Clint Case

A Stormtrooper way Baymax

Credits : imgur

Bonus: George Lucas slave of Mickey (Disney)

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Video: The Heart of England (October 2019).