Just launched, the architectural contest to rebuild the spire of Notre Dame is already diverted on Twitter

After the fire of the cathedral Notre Dame of Paris, now is the time reconstruction. With morea billion donations At the time of writing, there is certainty that the destroyed parts of Notre Dame will be rebuilt.

But one question remains: in what form? Should we restore Our Lady as it was before fire, or should we bring a touch of modernity to evolve this cathedral, icon of France around the world. The question is much talked about on the web, and just yesterday we told you about the initiative of the architectural firm Godart + Roussel which proposed a resolutely modern alternative to mitigate the damage suffered by Our Lady.

But the discussions mostly continued on Twitter where users have not lacked imagination, following the announcement of the establishment of a "International architectural competition" launched by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Obviously, totally absurd and humorous proposals like Twitter knows how to do it ...

We let you discover below the different contributions of Internet users who have in any case a common opinion: the arrow of Notre Dame of Paris must not be rebuilt identically. To take in the second degree obviously ...

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My proposal for Notre Dame.

- Charly M. (@SeriousCharly) April 18, 2019

For ecological transits. #OneFlecheForOurDame

- PierreTrollment (@PierreTrollment) April 18, 2019


Do not take any more risk.

- Mister Biing_ © (@biing_c) April 18, 2019


it's not very complicated anyway # AFlecheForOurDame

- Nini_MacBright (@Nini_MacBright) April 18, 2019


May the arrow be with you!

- Satellys (@Satellys) April 18, 2019

Gathered yesterday during an exceptional session, the Mafia Bretonne is able to unveil her project #UneFlecheForOurDame
Simple, sober and efficient.

- Kristen Falc'hon (@kristentwitte) April 19, 2019

#Macron launches an "International Architecture Contest" to replace # OurDame's Arrow. This decision must be fought by all means because we already know its catastrophic result ...

- Napoleon (@tprincedelamour) April 17, 2019


Do not search anymore. I redesign the case myself. #OneFlecheForOurDame

- Jean-Marc Dal (@JeanMarcDal) April 18, 2019

Must use it to promote French products! #UneFlecheForOurDame

- Master Calopé (@ leop3092) April 18, 2019

The best arrow of the country #UneFlecheForOurDame

- Brice Wayne (@bricewaynee) April 18, 2019

The top of the arrow is already in progress.

- The Unchained Dog (@LeChienDechaine) April 18, 2019

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