She sews a kimono inspired kilt motifs in tribute to her ancestors Japanese and Scottish

You are more kilt or kimono ? No matter, no need to choose with this beautiful outfit that mix cultures : a kimono made with typically Scottish patterns is the find of the day!

The kimono is the outfit traditional Japanese par excellence. However, in recent years, this one has undergone some cultural transformations. Surprisingly, via the influence of theWest ; for example, at Christian and Japanese weddings, wearing a kimono as a wedding dress is a popular choice. Others are also fun to divert him to fashion Scandinavian, like the designer T-Michael and the company Y. & Sons. However, other even more surprising changes can be made to this iconic outfit, changes that better reflect the individual who wears it.

Maya Caulfield made a kimono, hand sewn, which celebrates its heritage: half Scots and half Japanese. Created from an original kimono pattern, which serves as a base for the silhouette, the fabrics used come from different types of plaid, from flannel, from tartan patterns and of a checked shirt. In summary, textiles that are very representative of Scotland!

Credits Maya Caulfield

Usually, I do not do textile art, but sometimes I make my own clothes on occasion. I always make sure they are very personal and really unique: I do not want to sew something that someone else might have in their closet!

Theinspiration from Maya for her kimono comes from her commitment in the community streetwear ; seeing how designers like Rick Owens and Rei Kawakubo have merged of traditional fashion with much more modern design, it gave him ideas!

From that base, I went to Denver, and I bought huge plastic bags filled with men's shirts, plaid, checkered, and even boxers. I then washed them well, and cut them into several rectangles of different sizes.

Between the time she started this project and the time she finished it, Maya moved to Washington State and could not bring her sewing machine there, she was forced to sew by hand the whole of the outfit!

But this long course and his efforts were worth it. Maya's textile work is one of a kind. We can say that this kimono perfectly represents the beauty of two cultures that meet. A beautiful initiative that mixes traditions, we love it! And if you want to know more about Maya, do not hesitate to go see her Instagram account.

Credits Maya Caulfield

Credits Maya Caulfield

Imagined by: Maya Caulfield

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