In Japan, Ghibli museum entrance tickets represent film from the studio

We all know it Japan is a country as incredible as it is odd. It is often there that we find the wildest ideas but also the most creative. And the perfect example we found today is one of the must-see places when visiting Tokyo. For anime lovers or fans of Miyazaki movies, this is the Mitaka Ghibli Studios Museum !

Who did not spend his childhood traumatized by Spirited awayor who did not cry in front of The Grave of the Fireflies ? The universe Ghibli is composed of many films, all more beautiful than the others ... And if you have never seen, we strongly advise you!

That said, let's talk now about museum tickets, rather ... particular. Indeed, these are known throughout the world to be original and creative, like the movies. Tickets are issued in the form of mini films, by 3 frames all from a Ghibli movie. We obviously imagine that these are not the original but reproductions ...

However, you should know that when you buy these tickets at bounds, they do not really look like that, but rather ordinary tickets. And it is only once you are at the entrance that your your "voucher" will be traded for this bit of film, which will act as a ticket!

A really unusual idea and fun for visitors to the museum, who love to keep the ticket in memory of their trip. For information, a adult ticket (over 19 years old) costs 1000 yen, or Less than 10 euros per person. This prize includes the entrance to the museum (inside and outside), the screening of an unpublished film from the studios and the famous original piece of film from one of the studios' films!

So do not hesitate to take your tickets now, because it seems that it's worth the detour ... We do not know what you think, but in any case, just the idea of ​​the ticket makes us want to go see that in nobody !

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