This Spider-Man fan has created a spider-thread thruster that sticks (almost) everywhere

And if the gadgets and others powers of Super hero we were accessible? We have all dreamed of getting one of Batman's inventions or having incredible abilities out of the ordinary. And why not, imagine that it is possible to swing between buildings, as Spiderman. Exactly, even if we are not there yet, we are getting closer today, thanks to the invention of HeroTech.

The invention of the day is about the incredible Spiderman. From almost nothing, a young creative created an object reproducing the effect of canvas spray spider's hero! It is Jacob Uy, an engineer from Singapore, who is behind this project "Spider Web Shooter". With his company, he designed this gadget, which is to be able to take to the hero of comics, and in his way, to throw paintings everywhere!

But how it works ? According to the description of this gadget on Etsy, the "Web Shooter" has a "canvas launching" technology, which uses rare magnets made up of neodymium ; which allows the string to stick to any magnetic surface, up to 2 meters distance.

This gadget has two types of "canvas" reusable, a string made of polyester, which looks more like what Spider-Man has, and another string much more solid, the "SpiderWire" which includes a motion detection system with lights LED green and a little security. With an ingenious system of spring and of refillsit is possible to change the strings easily.

For those who wish to stay incognito, the "WebShooter" also has a cartridge "swipable " with a digital watchwhich can be changed at a glance. Despite the fact that it is very stylish and badass, because of the very powerful magnets, they should not be exposed to nearby technologies electronic. Moreover, it is specified that persons with a pacemaker do not have to use the gadget!

According to the engineer behind the invention, the string itself is not not strong enough to reproduce signature moves Spider-Man, and sticks only to magnetic surfaceswe remind him. But ... think about it, it can be a great accessory for your suit Halloween, the real plus that will make the difference.

So, how to get one? Jacob decided to put some on sale on his shop Etsy ! Unfortunately, victim of its success, the gadget is no longer available at the moment. But good news, he announced that it is possible to pre-order to be delivered in August 2019 ! But also, do not hesitate to watch his YouTube channel, to watch his process creation but also its crash tests of the invention. It's simply fascinating!

Credits : HeroTech

Credits : HeroTech

Credits : HeroTech

Credits : HeroTech

Credits : HeroTech

Imagined by: Jacob Uy

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