Burger King tackles McDo by creating the "UnHappy Meal": a menu for unhappy people

Everyone has already, at least, heard of Happy Meal - the famous children's special menu. McDonald's. His eternal competitor forever, Burger King, decided, once again, to trap the famous clown with a diversion of genius. Their idea? Countryside #FeelYourWay, which invites you to choose the menu that best suits your mood of the moment.

As the brand has understood: it is true that no one can be happy all the time. So in order to taunt its competitor, Burger King encourages you to order your whooper according to your state of the moment. Anything but the "Happy". These five menus were named the Real Meals or more simply UnHappy Meals, in other words, the real meals of real life: because we are not always happy, even when we order fast food.

Real Meals therefore include the Pissed Meal (when one is upset), the Blue Meal (when one is sad), the Salty Meal (when you feel upset), the YAAAS Meal (when you feel excited) and finally, the DGAF Meal (when we do not care about everything) All these menus are already available in the big cities of the United States.

But do not get me wrong ! The idea is not only to troller McDonald's. This campaign hides its game well, because in reality, it serves a very important cause: that of mental health.

"Burger King understands that no one is happy all the time. That's why we're asking customers to prepare a Whopper meal based on what they might be feeling right now, "says an online statement.

In America, the subject of mental health is becoming more accessible and the population dare to talk about it much more than a few years ago. The main goal with this idea:celebrate one's identity and feel what we want to feel, remembering that we can not be happy all the time, and that it is perfectly normal.

In an era when the happiness Instagram appears everywhere, it's good to be reminded of our vulnerability from time to time. This action was therefore conducted in partnership withMental Health America and the campaign has just been launched for this month of May, on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Mental Health Awareness Month.

An initiative creative which allows Burger King to position itself as a brand that cares about its consumers and is daring with its tailor-made communication. Yet the promotional video (above) has been widely disliked on YouTube. And you what do you think ?

Credits : Reddit / CalzonieJ

Credits : Marcus and Matthew

The "Blue Meal", when you feel sad

Credits : Burger King

The "Yaaas Meal", when you feel excited

Credits : Burger King

The "Pissed Meal", when you feel angry

Credits : Burger King

The "Salty Meal", when you feel upset

Credits : Burger King

The "DGAF Meal", when we do not care
(= Do not Give A Fuck)

Credits : Burger King

Credits : Burger King

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Imagined by: Burger King

Video: BURGER KING dévoile la fin de la publicité McDonald's (February 2020).