The Startup Wistand can rent a person to manifest for you

Pay a messenger to demonstrate for you, here is the idea of ​​the startup Wistand. The creator of the platform, Gregoire Laugier, has just conceived the uberisation of the event by allowing you to pay other people, "messengers"Available for them to demonstrate for you. "It is a platform that allows people away from demonstrations, prevented for medical or professional reasons, to be represented by a self-entrepreneur", Says the founder.

The device works in the same way as another device linking servicesas the application Uber. β€œOn this platform, you can "order" a self-entrepreneur for a specific event, for a defined period of time, and make him wear the t-shirt of his choice with a personalized message.", Says Grégoire Laugier, also a farmer and independent documentary producer.

If you opt for this device, know that it will cost you 15 euros per hour. Wistand receives 20% commission and the rest is transferred to the "messenger" - declared as a self-entrepreneur - when the event is over. On the site, we already find a list of events to come up. Among them: a march against Monsanto and Bayer on May 18th and a march for the ocean on June 8th. These events can only be proposed by organizers defending their cause - "ambassadors"- and are controlled by Wistand who checks if they meet all the criteria. The protester and the "messenger" are connected only if their convictions are in adequacy.

It ensures that there is no call to hate, no remarks that may shock, and that the event is declared in the prefecture.

It is therefore impossible to include an undeclared yellow vests, a movement that is mobilized thanks to social networks. It is also not possible for the moment to know if the platform arouses real craze to the public because of about fifty registrants, "about twenty journalists wanted to see what it isβ€œ.

According to the creator of Wistand, the device aims to correct a "inequality in the right to protest"Which would be favored by being away from a megacity or exercising a regulated profession. He claims to have come closer toassociations who help people in need to offer them to become "messengers". But can we participate in a demonstration characterized right then in another left? "I do not fear it, and I hope that will be the case. We build a political opinion by talking with everyone. Anyway, we will check things before. There will be no neo-Nazi demonstrations for example. These will be mostly positive causes"Says Grégoire Laugier.

An amazing initiative that obviously lends a smile as it may seem absurd. Yet, it only keeps pace with the evolution of society and its uberisation where all the services are sold and bought in a few clicks. It makes you think no?

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