12 creative tweets that bounce off the clash between Pascal Praud and Claire Nouvian

You may have seen funny tweets in your feed the last days. Many Internet users took part, in their own way, in the confrontation between Pascal Praud and Claire Nouvian, which took place on the set of the talk show "The hour of the pros", On CNews, May 6th. We could have suspected from the beginning that the show was going to end badly: the theme of the day was "Climate cooling?"Even as environmentalists keep repeating the urgency to act for the planet.

Particularly commented, the heated exchange between the presenter, Elisabeth Lévy, editorialist of the conservative magazine conversationalist, and Claire Nouvian was shared Monday night in a video account, disabled since, "Balance your media". Available for a few hours, this was more than enough for the video to be replayed and rebroadcast at large scale and on other networks. A little overview of what may have happened during the broadcast by our colleagues HuffPost.

This clash allowed the twittos to have fun on the social network and obviously, it made us laugh. Between the Australians who fall from the sky, the light from the fridge that stays on (really?) And ice cream that does not melt, Twitter users have invented some nuggets. We propose you to discover the 12 best tweets Internet users :

If the earth was round it means that in Australia they would all fall in the sky, no but we walk on the head excuse me

- Terracid (@terracid) May 7, 2019

World hunger? I hope you are joking?! I come out of McDonalds it was filled with people!

Pascal Praud

- Naruto (@ Naruto_nindo9) May 7, 2019



"Deforestation? You're laughing! Yesterday I was still in jardiland there were still bonsai" #PascalPraud

- Dr Lapruje² (@lapruje_) May 9, 2019

"Melting glaciers? But, ma'am, I just spent my weekend defrosting my freezer!" #PascalPraud @ClaireNouvian

- Olivier Varlan (@GummRagle) May 8, 2019

The disappearance of fish? Anything, my kids still ate Findus sticks at the canteen #PascalPraud

- Riad Fakhri (@RiadFak) May 8, 2019

World hunger ?! No, but you're joking there. Still yesterday I was at Flunch, it was fried at will! #PascalPraud

- Saturnyn (@saturnyn_hd) May 7, 2019

No, but seriously!
You are pelting us with the melting ice, so why the glacier at the end of my street is still selling ?? #PascalPraud

- Anik (@AnikasamaGame) May 8, 2019


Pascal Praud: "Melting ice creams, you're kidding me?" I went to Versailles last week and the ice-cream gallery was impeccable! "


- Sleven (@ Sleven0893) May 7, 2019

"John Lennon is dead? But stop with that, I still heard" Imagine "on Nostalgia this morning!"
Pascal Praud

- TaxiMauve (@TendanceRouge) May 7, 2019

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