In China, this service allows you to hire a professional to compete in your place

And if you find someone to Argue with a person of your choice, in your place? Does this seem unlikely to you? Yet this is the new service offered on the Chinese site Taobao. Solving a family quarrel, an argument between friends or a problem in the work without making the slightest effort is now possible. The online sales platform, very popular in China, is again talking about it with this service launched by a reseller who seems to have no limit.

The most of this new service is that the customer can specify its requirements as to which arguments to use, how to express themselves and even the duration of the desired interactions. The prices vary according to the requests but you can count of 20 yuan (is a little more than two euros) for a long message to 100 yuan (about 13 euros) for a 24-hour service. The "Chicanowers professional"Only operate virtually: either by phone, either by messaging.

On the Chinese site, the announcement of this strange service has been viewed more than 5 million times and we find quite special customer requests of the type: "I need someone to come and teach me to argue" or "We only understand later how we should have quarreled". Hence the professionalisation of the offer ... Unusual, no? In the same spirit, we spoke a few days ago of another service that offers to rent a person to manifest for you. If some want to push a shot, it is probably an approach, even if one raises a doubt about the legality of the service.

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