This creative surfer repairs everything absolutely ... with packets of noodles

We all know noodles, these famous Asian pasta that are usually sold in packages and must be plunged into boiling water to make them edible. But if for you the noodles are just a dish, you'll see that for other people, they can be a real building material.

This is particularly the case Xiubandrng, a 31-year-old creative Internet user from Quingdao in China. This creative has made a name on TikTok for his methods of repair rather surprising. And for good reason, our artist of the day is fixing everything with noodles.

Whether it's an impact on a car bumper, a broken sink or a damaged table, everything looks fixable with simple packages of noodles. And his method is always the same: he fills the holes with pasta straight out of their package and then poured boiling water to mold his solution in "thick paste". Then, he sandpits them so that his repair is perfectly smooth and he finally uses paint and / or varnish for hide it all… and voila !

Visibly, the illusion is total and its various repairs seem perfectly solid and functional. But it's hard to believe that using noodles as a material remains a sustainable and viable solution. In any case, we expect to see the use of the sink in the long term! But the idea remains original and creative and proves that with a little imagination, we can overcome all problems with everyday objects (or even food).

In a completely different way, if you are a fan of unusual repairs, we invite you to discover the creations of the Brazilian artist Tatiane Freitas who repairs furniture with translucent materials ... for a visual effect out of the ordinary!

Credits: Xiubandrng

Credits: Xiubandrng

Credits: Xiubandrng

Credits: Xiubandrng

Imagined by: Xiubandrng

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