This photographer offers 16 illustrators to revisit his portraits in different styles

Each artist has his own style, her own feather, her own interpretation... For photographers, it's the same thing. Even more so when they experiment with new (or old) processes on their portraits. This is the case of Mathieu Stern, a French photographer who wanted to surf the trend of #DrawThisInYourStyle. To do this, he contacted several illustrators of various nationalities. 16 of them agreed to redraw with their own style some of the portraits of the photographer. A breath of fresh air illustrated by talented artists!

Everything starts a few months ago when Mathieu Stern discovers the hashtag of the moment: #DrawThisInYourStyle. This is a challenge between illustrators (even amateurs) who recreate works by other artists but with their personal paw. Dazzled by the quality of the work he saw, the photographer and filmmaker began to look for a way to collaborate with these illustrators of genius. He contacted all those whose works he appreciated and a month later he had gathered 16 artists for this project and made a video of their different processes.

For this experimental photographerWhat better way to find inspiration than collaborating with incredible artists? "I use vintage lenses, DIY lenses and strange techniques to create portraits.I love creating images that bring a new way of looking at the world", Says the Frenchman. Also YouTuberhe creates videos in which he explains his experiences and his enriching discoveries. Find all the experimental portraits of Mathieu Stern on his Instagram account. And if you like illustrations, (re) discover those of Cyril Rolando inspired by the worlds of Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki.

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Imagined by: Mathieu Stern

Video: The Grisly Murders of Jack The Ripper (October 2019).