In Belgium, this radio will broadcast the "Connemara Lakes" continuously for 5 days

Broadway Java, Being a woman, I'm going to love you ... These titles surely tell you something. And for good reason, these are the most famous songs of Michel Sardou. But this is another of his refrains that is talking about him right now. "Burnt earth in the wind, stone moors, around lakes ... "Did you recognize her? Yes, it's the melody of Connemara Lakes which will resonate on the airwaves of a Flemish radio to beat a record strange.

From June 24 to 28, the world record of the longest version of the "Lakes of Connemara" should be beaten through its streaming on Q-Music, a Belgian radio station located in a non-French-speaking region. During these five days, from Monday 9 am to Friday 9 pm, the listeners of the station are invited to take turns in the premises to wave a white scarf on the air of the song.

But why the Connemara Lakes? For years, the radio broadcast every morning an hour ofbad music". This time slot became weekly in 2016 and gives rise every year to a special day: the "Bad day"Which ends with the"Bad party” (“Party Fest"In Flemish). Every year, around 20,000 people meet each other, and every year, as a ritual, the animator of this gigantic music concert to particular tastes ... launches the Connemara Lakes.

This is how several hundred white scarves are shaken in the air to the rhythm of the music. Until next week, Q-Music offers a Internet radio who has been broadcasting for several days already the mythical song of Michel Sardou.

Credits : Wikipedia

Credits : Wikipedia

Credits : Wikipedia

Imagined by: Q-Music

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