7 creative short films made to raise awareness about the risks associated with the autonomous car

For four years now, the MAIF Foundation organizes the Grand Angle contest. This is an exceptional opportunity to find young talents creative in the realization of short films around a subject of public utility. For this fourth edition, the theme is "Autonomous cars, without hands but not without risks". A topic that echoes the increasingly sophisticated driver assistance systems that would allow our cars to become "autonomous" a few years from now.

Are we ready to trust theartificial intelligence ? To entrust to him our life and that of our loved ones? If the autonomous car met a obstacle (a child, for example), would she be able to avoid it? So many questions for which the answers are not necessarily obvious. In March 2018, thedeadly accident involving an autonomous vehicle of Uber in the city of Tempe (Arizona, USA) cast a shadow on the board. So, "without hands but without risks” !

The competition was open not only to schools but also to individuals with the sole purpose of fueling and stimulating creative minds and the consciences. The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday in Paris, where 11 members of the jury rewarded seven winners Grand Angle contest with many guests. Feel free to visit the competition's official website for more information and discover the short films that have received an award right away.

Grand Prix (Best Film)

The big jump "by Maxime Flourac

Best scenario

Big Bank "by Florian Dupas

Favorite price

A question of time "Antoine Lacroix

Users' prices

Child's play "by Anthony Haemmerlin

School Podium - 1st place

Samuel "Marion Gonzalez

Podium of schools - 2nd place

The child prodigy "by Willem Lefort

Podium of schools - 3rd place

Roulez Jeunesse "by Jules Neyvoz

Imagined by: MAIF Foundation

Video: RSA ANIMATE: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (February 2020).